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Fully functional 5-page site (Static)

In our package you will get a fully functional yet affordable 5-page website for your business in Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane. If you are looking for

cheap web page design

, you have come to the right place.

We don’t just increase visitors to your site but increase conversion rate with the use of targeted keywords. Rise in visitors results in corresponding rise in sales.

We have a reputation for designing affordable websites which will be equally effective in delivering results. With attractive designs targeted at your user groups, your site will be search engine friendly to rank high on Google.

Our websites are

  • Captivating
  • Fully functional
  • Quick to display
  • Compatible with all major browsers

We offer national wide services to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart.

ResponsiveWebsite Design
Responsive Website Design

Trendy HTML website designs

We develop your sites in Html 4.0 with CSS support and JS (JS only for banner). On offer are affordable web page designs for Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane.

ATOM IT SERVICES has the expertise to develop web applications based on PHP enriched with the latest features like CMS (Content Management System), enabling us to provide scalable and flexible solutions tailored to our clients' business needs. Our unique web development solutions will help you maximize your efficiency and ROI. Range of solutions.

It is through the websites we create that gives business a whole new dimension in their marketing efforts. In web development we strive to give the best in terms of technology and ease of use which translates into measurable results for your company. With our in-depth understanding of various technologies we are able to provide end-to-end solutions and services.

At ATOM IT SERVICES we offer a range of solutions to your online web technology needs. We provide comprehensive and engaging online experience by a combined deployment of technology, content and design structure.

Ideal hosting – Maximum reliability, Maximum speed

We provide our sites with 1 GB hosting on Linux server (USA). Website and email are two basic needs of every business. It is vital to have the right domain hosting service. At ATOM IT SERVICES we provide a service that's good value, efficient and gives you appropriate support.

Along with domain hosting you can avail of 24-hour a day support service. Any issue with your website will be resolved with the least amount of fuss.

Website Design Company
Website Design Company

Emails with powerful features

Along with your website we will set up 5 emails with powerful features for the same cost. These emails are designed to give the best day-to-day management of emails by businesses.

Original content

Your website will have original content so you need have no worries about plagiarism. The original content will optimize your site to rank high on search engines and be easily found by your target audience.

Website Design Company
Website Design Company

Copyright images

Included in the cost are original copyright images in appropriate places to add value to your website.

Client Testimonial

The best thing about ATOM IT SERVICES services is they are totally interactive within minutes of sending u an example if u want changes ATOM IT SERVICES sends then to u getting from my vision to their interpretation to perfection, is not measured in days is measured in minutes the thing that i love the most, is they are prepared to pushback and show you better examples i love the fact that their opinions are not final which made me realise that neither should mine be final will always ask for your input this is the most perfect example of how i see the internet has made the world a smaller place.

Darren Pincini (Australia)

This designer is great. Designer was able to convey concepts, make proper changes and deliver a great project. We are very happy with the results!


Great work. Very fast too Will work with them again.

Mr. Gustav ( U.S.A.)